Mai Mailan

Skater / Track Bike Cyclist / Owner of Calle Skateshop
Manila, Philippines

The original "Batang Calle", Mai Mailan is the owner and CEO of Calle Skateshop. He skates, rides fixed gear, runs a number of businesses and always has time to keep Calle’s skate team riders in check. Mai has been an avid supporter and promoter of the local skate scene since day one, helping talented and hardworking skateboarders get recognized locally and one day, he hopes, internationally.

With such an active, wake-and-go lifestyle, it’s no wonder that Mai has always been a fan of G-Shock. The shock proof durability that embodies G-Shock is what Mai favors most about wearing G-Shock watches, without ever sacrificing style.

Follow Mai on Instagram: @maylan_calle @calle_ph